Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi everyone! I hope you had a good Christmas and have a happy New Year!

Last night I had one of the noisiest outing ever!
The Boyle's cousin, Dan, was down from Michigan for a Basketball tournament in Lake Wales, FL, at the Warner Southeastern University.
The Boyles haven't seen Dan for a couple years, and he didn't know we were going to be at his game! It was fun surprising him!
I had a hard time getting comfortable in the bleachers, but I really liked the chant Dan's team did right before the game started. It sounded like dogs barking :)
Meagan handed out a lot of my school's business cards. About 3 people said the black labs are the best dogs.....I tend to agree!

Here's a picture of the Boyle's, Dan and can probably tell who the basketball player is!
Dan made 2 slam dunks just for us he said...

Meagan and I in the bleachers during half time....

The Titans won!!
Thank you Aunt Barb and Uncle Brian for letting us know about Dan's game! We had a blast! Thanks Dan for the slam dunks!

~ ~ ~

Tonight for New Years Eve, the Boyles are having friends over for games and snacks,
then we're all going over to another friends house to watch the ball drop.
Last year I was too young and fell asleep before the ball dropped!
I can't be outside when the fireworks are going can hurt my ears.
But I'll sit inside and watch! I'll tell Meagan to get some pictures!

Love, Eve 2X8

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