Friday, December 11, 2009

How many Guide Dogs get to meet a Camel? Part #1

Every year, a church in Brandon, FL has what they call "Walk Through Bethlehem". The church sets up a village of what Bethlehem would look like at the time when Mary, Joseph and soon-to-be-born, baby Jesus, were traveling to Bethlehem for Cesar's Census. Every group that wants to walk through has a guide to lead them through Bethlehem. The church people dress up in garbs to look their part and make it feel very authentic! I really enjoyed my trip!

This is right before we walk through the city gates. The boy in this booth takes a head count of our group.
This is a mean Roman Guard

Then we met the Tax collector. When we said we had eleven people (we really did), he counted and said we had 19. Typical tax collector "eh?
Next door, there was a lady selling salt and herbs for temple worship.

Our next stop was a lady selling fruits and veggies. She had raw green beans that smelled really good!
Then we went to a lady selling oil, and a couple other booths selling things. Around the corner was a very strange smell. It smelled like the fish oil that Meagan puts on my meals.....EWWW!! Fish!

This is the bakery

This is the synagogue. I really liked this part. I wanted to be part of the act!

This is the water well were all the rich ladies come to gossip.

Meagan told me I was doing great!

The basket weavers.
This is the wood carvers. They had fresh cut ceder wood! I really liked the sure was a lot better then those fish.This is the star that lead the wise-men to Jesus! Sorry it's blurry....

Continued in part #2...(I guess you can only post so many pictures!!!)

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