Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ellie's Blog...

Please be sure to follow Ellie's blog! Ellie is the puppy I am currently raising. Right now Ellie is at SEGDI in heat but we will be able to pick her up next week!

We can hardly wait to see our baby girl again!

Here is Ellie's blog link...


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eve loves Wendy

Drum role please.........yesterday, my family had the privileged to see our sweet "eve-r-beaver" with her forever person, Wendy.

The first thing after a little talk about meeting our dogs again, the blind students do a route for us outside the Admin Building. Eve sniffed just about every bush along the sidewalk. Apparently the kennel cat was out roaming around that morning!

It was so amazing to see Eve leading a blind person. I can clearly remember those days when I was leading Eve. How in the world, in 9 months time, did Eve learn how to lead someone. Thanks goes straight to SEGDI's amazing trainers.

Eve walking gently beside "her" person Wendy. Eve and Wendy are a perfect match.
Saying Eve was excited to see us is an understatement. Eve was so polite when Melinda (puppy raisers most favorite SEDGI staff person... PR's you know what I mean!! :o) introduced Eve's person to my family... then Eve remembered who we were and her memories of us came back. After that, Eve could no longer contain herself.
Eve did everything from jumping up, to licking, to even biting my face... Eve was so excited! Eve went from person to person jumping, tackling, stepping on, hitting with her tail... she was overjoyed.

And so were we.

Eve excitedly jumping up on Meagan
Again, Eve excitedly jumping on Meagan... this time Eve has her right paw on Meagan's arm :)

Eve looking at the camera with Meagan, Diona, and Kaitlyn touching Eve.

Eve and Collin, all smiles for the camera!
Kaitlyn and Eve
Diona and Eve
Kaitlyn petting Eve's ears and Eve is licking her own lips.
Meagan just about to give Eve one of many kisses.

Meagan and Eve looking at the camera with big smiles on their faces. This picture is Meagan's profile pic on Facebook
Todd scratching Eve's face right between Eve's eyes... sadly I realized this is the only picture we have of Todd and Eve!

Meagan explaining the scrapbook to Eve's blind person. Eve has her harness on and is stretching her nose up to the table to smell the scrapbook too!
Eve in her harness.... looking very professional.

Amazing, Eve still has her look of "this picture taking thing is getting really annoying".
After a wonderful lunch, lots of talking, laughing and memory making, with Eve's person, it was the saddest part of the day. Saying goodbye. We know Eve will be loved, cared for and somewhat spoiled! Knowing that our sweet Eve-r-beaver is doing the same thing for her person, is so heart warming. 
At the very end of Eve's scrapbook, I have Eve's harness picture and at the bottom, it says "And Eve's Everyday Adventures continues...". Wendy, Eve's person, agrees... and might even start her own "Eve's Everyday Adventures -as a Guide Dog"!!


After we said our tearful goodbyes, we went down to the main kennel to visit some dogs who are In For Training. This is sweet Jeannie. She was from our group here in the South Shore region. 

Jeannie smiling for the camera!
Jeannie and one of her kennel buddies.

We also saw Rocky. Rocky has a blog too! Rocky was Eve's first boy friend :) He is such a sweet boy. Hopefully he will be matched in the next class... Rocky's brother Spike was matched in Eve's class. They are very polite boys.

Rocky sweetly looking at the camera :)

Hmmm... a little camera shy?
 Just like sweet Clarkey, we have a 90 period that we cannot have any contact with Wendy or Eve. This helps Eve and Wendy bond and really truly become a team. We can't wait to see our Evie again!

      A very happy,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Some pictures of Eve!!!

Some of my spies went to SEGDI to walk dogs and were able to see Eve!!!

Hmm... not sure why the pictures look blurry.... they didn't look like that before! Oh well

           Go get 'em Ever-Beaver!!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Eve's report cards....

I have received Eve's report cards!! She is doing wonderful!!!

This is her May report card...
And this is her July report...
We are anxiously waiting to hear when she is matched with her Blind person!!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Letter to my Eve

Dearest Eve,

I have heard that you are now class ready and will be matched with a visually impaired person very soon.

I just wanted to let you know, I am very proud of you. You were my first puppy, my first "baby", my first challenge. Remember those times when we were battling your "bowel problems" every 30-45 minutes at night? I remember. Very well.
I was so tired, and I knew Eve, you weren't feeling good. I told mom "I can't do this anymore, I've done this for a week, we have to take her back to SEGDI!" Well I looked into your sweet brown eyes, they look so pitiful. If you could talk, I'm sure you would've said "But I thought you were my person" It was then and there I knew you were never going to leave my side.

After your bowel problem was figured out, life was awesome. You excelled at anything I showed you. You put up with anything, ear grabbing, tail tugging, an occasional "oops, sorry I stepped on you Eve".
We traveled to Tampa 3 times a week for the first couple months of your life with us. You loved going. You learned the motion of the van when we got onto the interstate and knew it was going to be a long drive. If for some reason, we had to turn around and go back, you would sit up looking like "What, where are we going, this isn't the way!!"
I loved your personality and little antics :)

You went everywhere with us. I remember one time we were at Wal-mart and we were walking along and a little boy sitting in a buggy said (rather loudly) "LOOK DAD IT'S SUPER DOG!!!"
I only wished I had a video camera rolling. It was so cute and thought "Kid, you don't know how much of a super dog this little girl is". Any dog you see in a coat , is a super dog. Whether they are Therapy dogs, Guide dogs, Canine companions, Paws for patriots, Bomb dogs, special needs dogs, etc! They all have a purpose for someone. They are all important.

When your traveling with a guide dog puppy, you get lots of stares, finger-pointing, and whispers. (Hey at least I have a good reason for being stared and pointed at! It's better then no dog and toilet paper stuck to my shoe :) You, my dear Eve, just went along doing your business.
Nothing ever startled you, you knew your job and got it done.....with perfection.

All of our adventures are over, and your just beginning your own! I cannot wait to see you, my sweet girl, again! I will never forget the wonderful, and exciting times we had together.

Love you my Eve-r-beaver :)
Your mommy

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Southeastern Guide Dogs 2010 Walk-A-Thon

Today we attended the much anticipated Walk-A-Thon! It was cold, rainy and very wet, but well worth it!

As well as seeing the wonderful raisers from our puppy group, I was able to meet up with two other puppy raisers that came from out of state for the WAT. I met one though an internet group a couple years ago and the other from the wonderful world of blogging!

This is Rebecca and her puppy-in-training, Rocky (aka the Rock Star!). We puppy-sat Rocky (when he was about 50 pounds lighter :) and Rebecca's career changed dog Ely when Rebecca and her family came down for the graduation of their last puppy they raised! Rebecca was the person who really nudged me into raising puppies.....Thank you so much Rebecca!!
Rebecca has an awesome guide dog blog, check it

This is Allie and her beatiful puppy-in-training Toby. Toby wasn't wanting his picture taken....he'd much rather sniff Sadie all over :) Allie has a really neat guide dog blog as well!

It rained during the whole 3 mile walk...every dog was soaking wet and pretty frisky because of the cold weather. The humans were also soaked, but despite the rain, almost every person walked the 3 miles. Sadie stayed in a perfect down under during lunch...

After lunch, Kaitlyn and I did a blind fold walk. Our first ever!
SEGDI staff marks off an area where they have dogs in harnesses ready to show you what it feels like to walk in complete darkness with a dog. When you start, you have to put on glasses that are completely black so you can't see anything. The dogs trainers are there, of course, holding the leashes, but you, as the "blind person" have a hold of the harness. The trainers have objects like a chair or safety cone so you and the dog have to go around it. It really shows you how much a blind person depends on the dog to keep them safe. The guide dog that lead me was a Gold-a-dore (Golden Retriever mix Lab) named Sarge and Kaitlyn's guide was a Lab. (Can't remember it's name!)

Right before the WAT was over they had the raffle. The winner of the 1st prize ($10,000 dollars) lives in Texas!

Sadie and I posed for a picture right before we left for home. (This was the same spot we took a picture of Eve and I last year *sniff* :)

Thank you for your support! Hope to see you again next year!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heartache and Tears Are Totally Worth It...

We have been anxiously waiting to hear how our sweet Eve is doing in school. I figured I would probably hear something at the upcoming Walk-A-Thon (this coming Saturday woohoo!) or I could find someone who knew. You have no idea how hard it is to wait. Think of your kid going off to college, or on a trip, or moving somewhere and not hearing from them! It's tough, but it was worth the wait...

This afternoon, I went out to get the mail and along with the typical junk, was an envelope addressed to us from Southeastern Guide Dogs. As soon as I saw it's contents, my heart skipped a beat and tears welled up in my eyes...

Isn't she gorgeous?

Our certificate

I'm crying just thinking about how sweet my little girl is.
She will make a perfect guide dog...just like her big "sisser" Clarke.

If all goes as planned, she will go through 6 months of intense harness training. We will receive report cards to see how she is doing. Then after those 6 months, she will be matched with the perfect person. They will then go through 26 days of learning how to work together.
If Eve's person agrees, we will then meet each other on "Puppy Raiser Day". That is one of the most special days you can imagine! Getting to watch your little puppy lead someone who can't see, or help someone who needs it. Most of the time, as soon as the dog sees their puppy raisers it makes a bee-line towards you and gives you TONS of doggy kisses! We will get to give Eve her favorite toys, and I'll make a scrapbook for her person. Even if the person is blind, they still enjoy showing off their dog to friends when they were a puppy!

Unfortunately, during this time, I cannot go see Eve. If I do, I could distract her and mess up her training. That wouldn't be fair to her. So if your down in Palmetto, stop by SEGDI and ask to see Eve!!

I will update the blog every now and then. I'll show you her report cards, and possibly add my future puppy-in-training to "Eve's Everyday Adventures" whenever a pup is needing a home!!