Friday, December 11, 2009

How many Guide Dogs get to meet a Camel Part #2

The cloth dyers The pottery place Then we went to the Sheppard's area. They had animals! This is the Abyssinian donkey. I already smelled this donkey and wanted to smell the one on the other side of the pen! The goat! It loved me! Finally the baby Jesus!! The three wise-men.....oops, cut off one of the guys heads! The cross, on which our savior died. He took all our sins away. He is our King! The tomb in which our Savior laid. Then on the third day, he rose again. At the end of your tour through Bethlehem, the humans get Hot Chocolate and get to pet some animals. I really liked the camel! I had a really fun time there. The Boyles used to work in the booths and Meagan's dad was a guide. But this year were super busy, So they could only walk through. I'm glad I got to go! For more information, please visit:

Eve 2X8

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Sherman met a camel but didn’t care very much about it at all. Eve is so pretty!


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