Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Social

Our Sun City Center puppy group is combining with the Winter Haven puppy group.
Our new Area Coordinator held a winter social at Southeastern guide dogs school, so we could meet each other. There were so many dogs! Goldadors, Labs, Collies, and a great big German Shepherd.
When we first got there, all the dogs (except the little tiny puppies) got to play in a fenced yard! I loved running with the other dogs! At home, Sadie (my sisser) will only run a little, and after wants to roll in the grass.
Then all the dogs played tic-tac-toe "puppy in training style". That was fun!
We also played a similar version of musical chairs, but instead of chairs, we had pictures of desserts. (Meagan and I won brownies!)
The one game which I didn't really like was puppy dress-up. Meagan drew a piece of paper out of a basket and it said "4 socks" so Meagan had to put 4 socks on me!
We were up against the German Shepherd. (he had to put on shorts and 2 socks) Once Meagan got my socks on, we started running to the finish line. Then all my socks fell off. So Meagan had to start over. We didn't win, but that's okay!
Then our AC laid out a sheet and put all sorts of toys and treats on it. One at a time, all the dogs chose a toy to take home. This is my toy! (It only lasted 2 days :o)
I had a fun time at my school!

Eve 2X8

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  1. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! Socks are hard to stay on doggy paws! Great pictures!


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