Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Long Time No Post!!

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately! Let me see if I can update you a bit....

I've been really busy! Soccer games have started again, and we only have 2 more to go to!
I went to Chili's with one of my favorite puppy raisers. She's so nice and takes me lots of places.
I went to a Sea Food Festival and that was a lot of fun...I helped raise money for the walk-a-thon by just sitting cute and using my "begging eyes".
Meagan goes for massages to help her back. I get to go and lay under the table. The Massage therapist is very nice and likes to give me a mini massage after Meagan is done. It feels soooo good!!
My puppy raiser family watched 3 little boys for a week. I like little kids who like to pet my head and lay on me. But when they try to grab my tongue, that's a different story.
Meagan's orthodontist gave her a gift certificate to go get her pictures taken in the Mall. I got to be in the picture! I loved all the attention the photographer gave me! We got to choose 3 different poses. I'll post my favorite one when we receive them!

One day, Meagan put me in the crate and said she will be back later. After about a nice 2 hour nap, Sadie started barking and saying "Eve their home! Their home"!
Meagan came to get me and I smelled a really familiar smell on her pants. It smelled like puppies and my school! They had taken some friends to hug puppies at my school! I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to go, but it reminded me that I will be going back to college soon! I'm going to miss my puppy raisers but I'm excited that my career is right around the corner!!

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