Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Congratulations to all the In For Training Dogs of January 2010!

Eve Bl/F -Sun City
Shirley Bl/F- St.Pete
Mustang BT, AS, M- Orlando/Daytona
Bella Bt, AS, F- Bradenton
Cookie BM, AS, F- Ocala
Raphael Bl/M- Sarasota
Guffy Yl/M- Bradenton
Charlie S. Yl/M- Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach
Tecky Bl/F- Orlando/Daytona
Staria Yl/F- St. Pete
Shelby Yl/F- Orlando/Daytona
Bob Yl/M- Orlando/Daytona
Elsie Bl/F-St. Pete
Kerry Bl/F- Ft. Myers
Brittany Yl/F- St. Pete
Fiesta Yl/F- St. Pete
Gitka Yl/F- Sarasota
Lucian Bl/M- Pensacola
Jasper Bl/M- Ocala
Saxon Bl/M- Dothan, AL
Roman Bl/M- Dothan, AL

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