Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Letter to my Eve

Dearest Eve,

I have heard that you are now class ready and will be matched with a visually impaired person very soon.

I just wanted to let you know, I am very proud of you. You were my first puppy, my first "baby", my first challenge. Remember those times when we were battling your "bowel problems" every 30-45 minutes at night? I remember. Very well.
I was so tired, and I knew Eve, you weren't feeling good. I told mom "I can't do this anymore, I've done this for a week, we have to take her back to SEGDI!" Well I looked into your sweet brown eyes, they look so pitiful. If you could talk, I'm sure you would've said "But I thought you were my person" It was then and there I knew you were never going to leave my side.

After your bowel problem was figured out, life was awesome. You excelled at anything I showed you. You put up with anything, ear grabbing, tail tugging, an occasional "oops, sorry I stepped on you Eve".
We traveled to Tampa 3 times a week for the first couple months of your life with us. You loved going. You learned the motion of the van when we got onto the interstate and knew it was going to be a long drive. If for some reason, we had to turn around and go back, you would sit up looking like "What, where are we going, this isn't the way!!"
I loved your personality and little antics :)

You went everywhere with us. I remember one time we were at Wal-mart and we were walking along and a little boy sitting in a buggy said (rather loudly) "LOOK DAD IT'S SUPER DOG!!!"
I only wished I had a video camera rolling. It was so cute and thought "Kid, you don't know how much of a super dog this little girl is". Any dog you see in a coat , is a super dog. Whether they are Therapy dogs, Guide dogs, Canine companions, Paws for patriots, Bomb dogs, special needs dogs, etc! They all have a purpose for someone. They are all important.

When your traveling with a guide dog puppy, you get lots of stares, finger-pointing, and whispers. (Hey at least I have a good reason for being stared and pointed at! It's better then no dog and toilet paper stuck to my shoe :) You, my dear Eve, just went along doing your business.
Nothing ever startled you, you knew your job and got it done.....with perfection.

All of our adventures are over, and your just beginning your own! I cannot wait to see you, my sweet girl, again! I will never forget the wonderful, and exciting times we had together.

Love you my Eve-r-beaver :)
Your mommy