Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi everyone! I hope you had a good Christmas and have a happy New Year!

Last night I had one of the noisiest outing ever!
The Boyle's cousin, Dan, was down from Michigan for a Basketball tournament in Lake Wales, FL, at the Warner Southeastern University.
The Boyles haven't seen Dan for a couple years, and he didn't know we were going to be at his game! It was fun surprising him!
I had a hard time getting comfortable in the bleachers, but I really liked the chant Dan's team did right before the game started. It sounded like dogs barking :)
Meagan handed out a lot of my school's business cards. About 3 people said the black labs are the best dogs.....I tend to agree!

Here's a picture of the Boyle's, Dan and can probably tell who the basketball player is!
Dan made 2 slam dunks just for us he said...

Meagan and I in the bleachers during half time....

The Titans won!!
Thank you Aunt Barb and Uncle Brian for letting us know about Dan's game! We had a blast! Thanks Dan for the slam dunks!

~ ~ ~

Tonight for New Years Eve, the Boyles are having friends over for games and snacks,
then we're all going over to another friends house to watch the ball drop.
Last year I was too young and fell asleep before the ball dropped!
I can't be outside when the fireworks are going can hurt my ears.
But I'll sit inside and watch! I'll tell Meagan to get some pictures!

Love, Eve 2X8

Friday, December 25, 2009

Twas' the night before Christmas....SEGDI style :-)

This was read to us at a puppy meeting we had a couple years ago. It bring tears to my eyes every time I read it...Eve liked the sound of it too!

Guide Dogs' Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and the kennels were still,

with most dogs now asleep having eaten their fill.

The Labradors sprawled out, quite snug in their beds,

while visions of ANYTHING edible danced in their heads.

the Golden's and Shepherds curled up on the floor,

some twitched in their sleep and some even did snore.

The dog food was stacked in the feed room with care,

in hopes that a trainer soon would be there.

On the window ledge, one of the kennel cats lay,

surveying the lawn at the end of this day.

Something was different, that little cat knew.

Tonight something would happen, it had to be true.

For that day as the workers had left to go home,

They'd wished Merry Christmas! before starting to roam.

The dogs had noticed it to during this past week's walks,

the trainers seemed just that much happier and eager to talk.

In the mall where they worked through the maze of people and stores,

there were decoration and music and distractions galore!

Most dogs pranced along without worry or fear,

but some balked at the man on the sleigh and those fake looking deer.

The cat was almost asleep too when he first heard the sound,

a whoosh through the air and a jingle around.

It reminded him of a dog's collar when the animal shook,

but this sound kept on growing. He'd better go look.

From the ceiling there came a faint sort of thunk,

as the kennel cat climbed to the highest pile of junk.

Once before people had worked on the roof,

and come down through the trap door to a chorus of "Woooof!"

But the dogs still were quiet, all sleeping so sound,

as this man dressed in red made his way right on down.

He patted the cat as he climbed past his spot,

then made his way right to the trainers' coffee pot.

A shepherd sat up, not fully awake,

then a Golden followed her with a mighty loud shake.

That did it! All the dogs sprang to life with loud noise.

In spite of the din, the old man kept his poise.

He filled the pot full and it started to brew,

then he pulled up a chair and took in the view.

Dogs all around him, so carefully bred,

he knew well their jobs, the blind people they led.

Some had stopped barking and looked at him now,

while others delighted in their own deafening howl.

Laying a finger in front of his lips,

the jolly old man silenced the excitable yips.

"You all may not know me, but I'm Santa Claus,"

the old man smiled and took a short pause,

While he filled up his mug with hot liquid and cream,

"I've always wanted to stop here. It's been one of my dreams."

The cat had climbed down and was exploring Santa's sack.

"Yes, little kitty, that's an empty pack."

Santa smiled as he drank and looked at those eyes,

deep brown ones and gold ones held wide in surprise.

Some of these dogs, he'd seen just last year,

in their puppy homes, cute and full of holiday cheer.

He'd seen the effects of a pup on the tree,

but now they were here at the school, just waiting to be.

"I didn't bring you presents or bones just to chew.

I'll tell you something better, what you are going to do."

"You all will work hard and the trainers will share,

both praise and correction, gentle and fair."

"You'll go lots of places and face big scary things.

You'll ride buses and subways and hear fire sirens ring."

"Cars will drive at you but you will stand strong,

not moving into danger, not moving toward wrong."

"And then just when you think that this trainer's the best,

the kindest, and funniest person, toss away all the rest,"

"That trainer will begin to ignore you and give you away,

handing your leash over despite your dismay."

"Now the person who pets you and feeds you will be

a blind person. That's a person who can't see."

" This man or this woman may see just a tad,

but their view's missing parts or the focus is bad."

"So you, well trained dogs, will act as their eyes.

You will work as a team and discover the size"

"Of this great world we live in, because you will go

a million new places with this person, you know."

Santa sipped at his coffee and looked over the brood,

knowing what he had to say next might sound kind of rude.

"Not all of you will make it and become canine guides.

Your time here isn't wasted though. You won't be cast aside."

"Some of you will be drug dogs and some will find bombs.

Some will become pets in a home with a dad and a mom."

"All these things are important. People wait on long lists,

to receive such good dogs as you, the school folks insist."

The last drop of coffee had gone into his cup

as Santa turned, smiling at each wide eyed pup.

"The best gift of all is to give something back.

That's why there's nothing for you all inside of my pack."

Draining his mug, Santa went to each pen,

and petted and scratched each dog again and again.

"Now next year and many more years after that,

you all will give gifts wherever you're at."

"You might lick a hand that's had a bad day,

Or notice a car and step out of the way."

"You might help catch a crook or discover some loot,

Or just bring some joy to a tired old man in a funny red suit."

"Your master will love you and treat you with care.

In return, your training and trust will always be there."

After the last dog had been petted and soothed,

Santa put away the coffee pot and made ready to move.

Up the ladder he rose to the door high above,

with a smile and a wave as he slipped on his gloves.

And all the dog ears were pricked as he disappeared out of sight. "Merry

Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!"

- (author unknown)

p.s. Thanks Rebecca for posting this! I wanted to find it to post!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

~:~ Merry Christmas from Sadie and Eve 2X8 ~:~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There's nothing like it....

We went to Wal-Mart today I had contemplated leaving Eve home just because I knew it was going to be really busy. Eve has always done AWESOME in crowded situations but sometimes it's nice to get things done without a dog. I decided to take her anyway. She lives for getting her leash and royal blue coat and on!

After 2 hours shopping (brother and sister needed new jeans and shoes, and of course those last minute stocking stuffers), Eve (and I) were worn out and ready to go home. We get to the check out counter and start emptying our cart. Just as we were about to leave, a rather young man (he looked to be in his 40's) pulled up in his wheelchair and said to mom "I just want to thank you for the work you do with the dogs. You have no idea how important it is to me. You see, I'm going blind. Slowly but surely, and it's nice to know there's someone out there who can make a difference in the lives of those who can't see". (and in his case walk)
I took Eve up to him and he told me he knew he wasn't supposed to pet her. But I told him in situations like these, it's more then okay.
He got one of my business cards.
There's nothing like it....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.
I will guide you with my eye.

Psalms 32:8

Can there possibly be a better verse for a Guide Dog?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A good friend

Eve has a very good friend whose name is James.
James is 9 years old and loves dogs.
Really he likes all animals, but dogs seem to be his favorite.
James has known Eve since she was just a puppy.
When James found out that Eve is going In For Training soon,
he was upset and said he was really going to miss her.
So he decided to give her a going away present!
She loves her blue tennis ball!

Thank you James for my ball! I will miss you very much!
Love, Eve 2X8

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Social

Our Sun City Center puppy group is combining with the Winter Haven puppy group.
Our new Area Coordinator held a winter social at Southeastern guide dogs school, so we could meet each other. There were so many dogs! Goldadors, Labs, Collies, and a great big German Shepherd.
When we first got there, all the dogs (except the little tiny puppies) got to play in a fenced yard! I loved running with the other dogs! At home, Sadie (my sisser) will only run a little, and after wants to roll in the grass.
Then all the dogs played tic-tac-toe "puppy in training style". That was fun!
We also played a similar version of musical chairs, but instead of chairs, we had pictures of desserts. (Meagan and I won brownies!)
The one game which I didn't really like was puppy dress-up. Meagan drew a piece of paper out of a basket and it said "4 socks" so Meagan had to put 4 socks on me!
We were up against the German Shepherd. (he had to put on shorts and 2 socks) Once Meagan got my socks on, we started running to the finish line. Then all my socks fell off. So Meagan had to start over. We didn't win, but that's okay!
Then our AC laid out a sheet and put all sorts of toys and treats on it. One at a time, all the dogs chose a toy to take home. This is my toy! (It only lasted 2 days :o)
I had a fun time at my school!

Eve 2X8

Friday, December 11, 2009

How many Guide Dogs get to meet a Camel Part #2

The cloth dyers The pottery place Then we went to the Sheppard's area. They had animals! This is the Abyssinian donkey. I already smelled this donkey and wanted to smell the one on the other side of the pen! The goat! It loved me! Finally the baby Jesus!! The three wise-men.....oops, cut off one of the guys heads! The cross, on which our savior died. He took all our sins away. He is our King! The tomb in which our Savior laid. Then on the third day, he rose again. At the end of your tour through Bethlehem, the humans get Hot Chocolate and get to pet some animals. I really liked the camel! I had a really fun time there. The Boyles used to work in the booths and Meagan's dad was a guide. But this year were super busy, So they could only walk through. I'm glad I got to go! For more information, please visit:

Eve 2X8

How many Guide Dogs get to meet a Camel? Part #1

Every year, a church in Brandon, FL has what they call "Walk Through Bethlehem". The church sets up a village of what Bethlehem would look like at the time when Mary, Joseph and soon-to-be-born, baby Jesus, were traveling to Bethlehem for Cesar's Census. Every group that wants to walk through has a guide to lead them through Bethlehem. The church people dress up in garbs to look their part and make it feel very authentic! I really enjoyed my trip!

This is right before we walk through the city gates. The boy in this booth takes a head count of our group.
This is a mean Roman Guard

Then we met the Tax collector. When we said we had eleven people (we really did), he counted and said we had 19. Typical tax collector "eh?
Next door, there was a lady selling salt and herbs for temple worship.

Our next stop was a lady selling fruits and veggies. She had raw green beans that smelled really good!
Then we went to a lady selling oil, and a couple other booths selling things. Around the corner was a very strange smell. It smelled like the fish oil that Meagan puts on my meals.....EWWW!! Fish!

This is the bakery

This is the synagogue. I really liked this part. I wanted to be part of the act!

This is the water well were all the rich ladies come to gossip.

Meagan told me I was doing great!

The basket weavers.
This is the wood carvers. They had fresh cut ceder wood! I really liked the sure was a lot better then those fish.This is the star that lead the wise-men to Jesus! Sorry it's blurry....

Continued in part #2...(I guess you can only post so many pictures!!!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo Shoot

I got to be in a photo shoot at the mall! The photographer who took our pictures was very nice. She made funny sounds to make me turn my head and pose really cute.
~ ~ ~

The photographer was so pleased with our pictures, she asked Meagan's mom
if they could make one of our pictures as a large canvas portrait to put in their studio!
I hope we can go back and see where they placed it!

Well, I have a very busy weekend planned, so I will post about it next week!

Eve 2x8