Wednesday, January 13, 2010

IFT (In For Training) Prep

Meagan and I got some video of us doing some obedience. I wanted to show you all I can do. I know a lot more skills then what I show you here, but the others are when I'm in stores and in my blue coat.

This is the "Leave It" command...

The Hold and Give game....

This is one of Eve's favorites...

Eve's not such a fan of puppy push ups... :)

I will be taking Eve back to Southeastern Guide Dogs on January 21st at one o'clock in the afternoon. I am so proud of my little girl! She will be great in whatever career she is placed!

At this point in time I (Meagan) don't plan on raising another guide dog puppy for a few months. I have some plans and changes coming into my life that I think I need to address before adding another puppy-in-training into my home.

This doesn't mean I won't ever raise again! I LOVE it! Raising these amazing dogs has given me something that no other experiance could! It has made me more outgoing, I put myself in a place (when your walking down a walmart isle, you sure to get a few stares and weird glances...maybe even some whispers!!) where I am forced to talk to people.

I have rasied kids (my mom had a home-daycare for most of my life, so I grew up around chaning babies, feeding and caring for them) before, but never my own.

So Eve has, is a sense, giving me a taste of what true motherhood is like. I had to get up during the night to let Eve got outside (Eve had a few health problems in the beginning, so it was about every 30-45 minutes I was letting her out) had to feed her, teach her what good and what is not.

Eve is so sweet and has such an awesome disposition. She's goofy and sometimes even a little too silly when I'm serious :) If I'm having a bad day, or not feeling good, she's right there beside me....sometimes wanting to be on top on me :)

Right now she's sleeping quietly beside me. Well, with an occasional snore :) I sure am gonna miss this girl!


Meagan and Eve 2X8


  1. Aww, Eve is such a sweet, obedient girl! Rocky came running over to my computer when I played the video, and he heard your voice. He then ran all over the house looking for you, I think he remembers you!

  2. Eve did so well with those commands!
    We wish you luck at the school Eve!

    Toby's Trainer/raiser
    SEGDI Raiser


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