Thursday, January 21, 2010

Molly 1B6 --- Clarke 8M6 --- Eve 2X8

We like to get a family picture with the guide dogs we have raised. We even have Sadie (our personal dog) in the picture. I love to back and see our "babies"!

~ ~ ~

This is Molly 1B6. AKA, Molly Moose, Pretty girl, Moll.
Loves ice. Sleeps in the most distorted positions. Certified Therapy Dog.

^Molly at about 10 weeks old ^

^Isn't she beautiful?^

^One of our last days with Molly Moose^

~ ~ ~

This is Clarke 8M6. AKA Clarkey, Clarker-Barker, Miss Perfect.
Loves raw carrots. Smiles for the camera. Guide Dog in Florida.

^Happy-go-lucky Clarke^

^She was such a sweet heart^

^Our last trip to the beach with Clarke^

~ ~ ~

This is Eve 2X8. Aka Eveie, Eve-er-beaver, little girl, Miss Eve, Eve-ous.
Loves raw carrots. Moo's in the morning. Waiting for 'guide dog' perfect confirmation!

^Eve's first venture in the backyard at 10 weeks^

^Sweet Eve at 15 months^

^Our family picture^


  1. I think its cool you have a family photo with each dog!

  2. Pawsome pictures, family photos are the best!


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