Saturday, September 19, 2009

Harness, Aquarium, Hospital...oh my!

For our bi-monthly guide dog meeting, my puppy group went to the bowling alley. When the humans were talking, Mr. Kelly (our area coordinator) told Meagan it was time for me to try on the harness! A harness is what I would wear so I can lead a blind person around. Every puppy (once we turn 1 year old) has to try on the harness. We do that so we can see what we think about you can see, I loved it!
Meagan wasn't so happy....she doesn't want me to grow up :-)

~ ~ ~

Meagan's mom homeschools Meagan's younger brother and sister. (Meagan's graduated from "Homeschool High" in June)
A couple times a year a well-known attraction will plan to have a homeschool day. That's when all the homeschoolers get to go to MOSI, Museums, the Zoo or NASA, in our case Thursday, it was the Florida Aquarium. All homeschoolers get to go in for a discounted price.
So Thursday morning, we were driving to the aquarium!
On the way, we saw a man dressed up in a Dunkin Doughnuts coffee cup costume. So we got out and got a picture... Unfortunately, he wasn't handing out doughnuts...

~ ~ ~

When we arrived at the aquarium, we headed straight for the stingrays...those are my favorite!!!

We got to see a lot of things. Meagan's camera died at the very beginning of our adventure, but we got a few good shots...Meagan was NOT happy...she's now looking for a new one Da, fishes More fishes
Super Big Fishes

We got to walk through the coolest fog stuff. I really liked it.
I tried eating it, but I didn't taste anything.

I was really good all day long...until lunch time, you see, there was this chip. Just laying all alone on the floor. We were getting closer and closer to it, we were headed in such a direction that I would walk over it. So I just had to TRY to lick it up. Success! But as soon as I got it in my mouth, the salty delicious flavor was soon gone when Meagan snatched it out of my mouth.

~ ~ ~

Thursday evening was full of just chill-axing. Meagan went to gym for a couple hours and Meagan's mom fed me and Sadie our supper. About 20 minutes later, I threw everything up! I didn't know why, but I knew I wasn't feeling good. By the time Meagan had come home, I had thrown up 4 more times! They said I was lathargic...whatever that means, I just knew I wasn't feeling good.
So Meagan's mom called Mr. Kelly and he said I needed to go to the vet right away. Come to find out after 4 hours later, more throwing up, having hives all over me and being really sleepy, I needed IV fluids and had to spend the night at the emergency vet! I was not happy about that, but the vet was really nice. She told Meagan later that she wanted to keep me :-)
The vet thinks I was bit or stung by something! So we just have to be careful.

I am now 100% and hope to go to work with Meagan very soon!!!

Eve 2X8

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