Saturday, October 3, 2009

I meet Bentley, my brother...

A few weeks ago, Meagan noticed some one commented on one of my blog posts. She read it and got really excited!
My brother Bentley's puppy raiser found us, by asking around to see where Bentley's siblings lived. She contacted us and said she would really like to meet us!
So today, we met got to meet each other at the school.

Bentley lived in Georgia. He's a 90 pound, almost completely white lab. He has freckles on his ears and a big wet tongue. And he's almost as pretty as me :0)

Here are some pictures of 2 out of 3 Shep and Baxter puppies.

Sorry the picture's small. This is Eve (in the back) Bentley (the white one and our other
female sibling (if this is your puppy, please contact us! We'd LOVE to meet you!!!)

Here is Bentley and Eve today...
In front of SEGDI's stone
Bentley decided to turn sideways (had to get his "best side")

Eve 2X8

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