Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mr. Kelly, our Area Coordinator for our guide dog group gave
Meagan this diaper. I had to wear for 2 weeks! I didn't like it one bit!
After my surgery, Meagan's mom came to pick me up. I was so excited to see them!
Meagan was at gymnastics when I got home. When Meagan got home, I was so
happy, but too tired to get up. But I fell asleep beside (and half on) her.

I went on my first outing today after not going anywhere for 3 whole weeks! I happily put on my coat and leash. Meagan, her mom and her sister and I went to Walmart. I'm not one for shopping, but I was glad to get out and see the world again!

Have a good Labor Day!!!!

Eve 2X8

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