Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekend Fun...

This is me and my "sisser" Sadie
Last weekend, the Boyles went to Lettuce Lake Park (Sadie and I went too!!) Lettuce Lark park is called that because, well, there's a lake with lettuce-looking plants all over it! The park has a 1.5-2 mile paved trail. This is Meagan's dad walking me....I'm always supposed to walk on the left side of my person, and the left side of the walkway. (Meagan taught me that)
Me and Meagan walking
"Busy" break!
Collin and Kaitlyn (Meagan's younger siblings) saw a gopher tortoise crossing
the trail. Meagan let me sniff it...I wanted to play, but the tortoise didn't want to!
We also saw a snake! It was about 3 feet long and VERY thick. Meagan didn't let me get too close because Meagan's dad said it had a diamond shaped head and those are poisonous! Later, Collin searched online to figure out what kind of snake it could be and found out it was a water moccasin (aka cotton mouth). They are very deadly... The snake is in the middle of the picture, you can see it's white mouth.
After our was very hot and humid!
On the way home, Kaitlyn fell asleep on me...we were both worn out!
Well, that was my excitement this weekend! Next Thursday, we are going to an aquarium! Meagan will take LOTS of pictures and we'll post them soon!
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  1. Sherman was out in our backyard once and started playing with something. He was picking it up and throwing it in the air. I went to see what he had and it was a turtle. The poor turtle went on wild ride, but didn’t learn it lesson because he kept showing up in our yard. It looks like everyone was ready for a nap!


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