Saturday, August 29, 2009

More pictures......

This is me and my puppy raiser Meagan...
we were at a tomato festival!
This is me and my buddy Sadie
I went to Fort Desoto beach....
the sand was my favorite :-)
Meagan loves this picture
and this one too

Well it's Saturday....I think my favorite day of the week! Everyone is home and "chillaxing". Sometimes I have puppy meetings on Saturdays. Puppy meetings when we meet with all of my dog-friends who are puppies in training too! We go on lots of outings. Like a train ride, festivals, nursing homes, and parks. I love life!

(I'm sorry if some of you can't post on the comments....Meagan will have to figure out how to fix that)
Eve 2X8

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  1. Eve is such a pretty dog! I love the last picture! Rocky and Ely send lots of tail wags.


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