Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi I'm Eve!

Let me introduce myself...
My name is Eve 2X8 I am a Southeastern Guide Dog (SEGDI) Puppy in Training. That means one day I will be a guide dog for a blind individual!
I am one year old, I weigh 70 pounds (supposedly I am borderline fat...I hate diets). My favorite things to do are play, run, swim, chew my nylabones, sleep and eat!
I like to go places in my blue working coat too. I've been to the chiropractor, pet stores, a train ride, the airport, orthodontist, libraries, the mall, the vet, flea markets, Ikea, grocery stores, walmart, target, a summer school (for a SEGDI presentation), SEGDI (my school!) for events, assisted living facility to play with the residents, to a dock, three different beaches, the park, and many more! As you can see I go a lot!

My puppy raisers name is Meagan. She's very nice. I live with her family in hot and sunny Florida! As well as people in her house, they have a dog named Sadie (she's my buddy) 2 cats...Vixie (the grouch) and Smokey (the terror), a bunch of fish and a love-bird....who is not very nice...she bites, HARD!

Well that's it for now! Here are some pictures of me as a puppy!


  1. meg, get a can't be eve's momma...she's a DOG!..hello!!...

  2. Aww she was so tiny! They grow up so fast! Welcome to the blogging world!

  3. What a cutie! You're a good doggy mommy, Meg. Tell Sadie I said 'hi', she looks so cute! Happy blogging. : )


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